Gauguin Solntsev denies having any income from his family’s TV show

The scandalous actor is married to 65-year-old retired Ekaterina Tereshkovich.

Gauguin Solntsev with his wife. Photo:

40-year-old Gauguin Solntsev is an actor. But he became famous not for his roles on the stage or in the cinema, but because of family conflicts in the broadcast of a TV show, for which he was known as a real freak. In the two years since the moment of marriage with retired Ekaterina Tereshkovich, viewers have seen hot passions, quarrels and accusations, the lover’s beauty transformation and her binge in the couple’s relationship.

Many believe that Solntsev and Tereshkovich have good income from programs, but the man denied these speculations. In Alena Zhigalova’s studio on the YouTube show “Alena, damn!” Solntsev assured that he will not receive any compensation.

“We have never received any money, never for nothing. We have contracts there for 15, 20 programs there have never been, – the artist admitted. And he shrugged, “For some reason they don’t believe, but I always say sincerely.”

Gauguin Solntsev
Gauguin Solntsev. Made from the YouTube show “Alena, damn!”

Gauguin shared how he and his wife first came to the program. Information appeared on the Internet that Solntsev married an elderly woman. The TV people decided to make material about them. And first they came to the couple in Crete, where they spent their “honeymoon”, and then they even offered to make some kind of reality out of their apartment – they installed cameras and filmed daily life and relationships.

“In general it seemed interesting to me. I say, “Katya, we are public people. Why not? Let’s tell it, let’s show it. Let them learn from our examples, as they should or maybe not. – Solntsev explained why he agreed to such a shooting.

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