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How fast the light moves in space: informative video

Light travels through the universe at incredible speed.. However, NASA astronomers have shown. that even on the scale of our galaxy it is still too slow.

The speed of light, just over 300 million meters per second, is considered the theoretical speed limit in the universe. In comparison with objects that we encounter every day, the light goes almost immediately. However, the new animation from NASA scientist James O & # 39; Donoghue shows how slowly the light moves compared to the scale of not even the world, but only our solar system.

In the first animation, the beam of light makes 7.5 times in 1 second a complete revolution around the earth – a clear demonstration why it takes so much time to communicate with robbers and why scientists do not even have a hypothetical way of contacting potential inhabitants of distant planets. By comparison, the fastest aircraft in the world at top speed (2000 meters per second) will need 5.5 hours to travel around the world.

However, the smaller our planet is in the background of a general scale – the clearer it becomes how slowly light actually moves. The second animation shows how long light needs to move between the earth and the moon. This tour takes about 2.5 seconds – still incredibly fast, but …

Already to get from Earth to Mars, a light beam needs more than three minutes. That is why many predators are equipped with modules with a certain program – in real time they simply can not be managed. For example, the NASS InSight module performed the landing procedure independently.

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