In Canada told about the "shock" of the victory of Russian hockey players

MOSCOW, January 2 – RIA News. The World Youth Hockey match between Russia and Canada, which passed the day before, became a shock & # 39; for the Canadian national team players, while they are open wide with & # 39; eyes & # 39; played, the Canadian sports channel TSN.

"Canada – Russia: New Year fireworks Two world hockey superpowers, confronted on Canadian land with a long history of hatred, are ready to write the next chapter," writes the author of the article.

"The tension was high, emotions were off-scale," and as a result, the Russian national anthem was heard under the roofs of the ice arena in Vancouver, TSN notes.

At the same time, the Canadian national coach Tim Hunter called the loss to Russia a lesson, said the channel.

"We have to learn a lesson, this is a free lesson, we are not destroyed," – TSN are words.

In addition, the author called the "sensational" game of the Russian team's goalkeeper, Peter Kochetkov, who reflected 30 shots on the goal of 31, so "stunning" Canadians for more than 17,000 people.

"The whole night was a shock to the Canadian team – of the emotions, the number of spectators and the majesty of the arena, and to the strength of the opponent," TSN concludes.

Earlier, on January 1, the Russian national hockey team defeated the Canadian team as part of the group stage of the World Youth Championship. Were Valery Bragin won a victory with strong will with a score of 2: 1.

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