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Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper split up

The American gossip magazine cited a reliable source and reported on the sensational breach of supermodel Irina Shayk and film star Bradley Cooper.

It is noted that the reason for the separation of stars was not Lady Gaga, who starred in the Oscar-winning movie Cooper "Star was born." After the "Oscar-2019" ceremony, where the actor and director openly flirted with the singer on stage, fans started talking about disagreements in the star couple.

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According to an initiate, the separation of Shake and Cooper happened after the presentation of the statue. The reason for this would be different views on reporting about their family life in the press. Bradley categorically does not want to fall on the pages of gossip leaves and Irina stands for interaction with the media.

Although the details of the Shake and Cooper gorge are extremely small, the Russian supermodel appeared during the last major event in the Met Gala fashion world without his companion, although Bradley received an invitation from the organizers.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper meet each other for four years and raise a two-year-old daughter Leia. The stars did not officially arrange the wedding.

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