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Lev Ponomarev was dumped: Company: Russia: Lenta.ru

The court in Moscow reduced the duration of the arrest for human rights activist Lev Ponomarev for a call for a demonstration in support of the accused of the Penza case and the case of the new greatness, Lente.ru was told in court.

The court found the decision at first instance too heavy. Ponomarev will spend 16 days under arrest – 9 days less than the previously mentioned term. The rest of the court decision, also in terms of the qualification of the law, was confirmed.

As stated in the court's decision announced at a public meeting, "the defense's arguments do not contain any legal arguments that imply the annulment of the decision".

On 5 December, the Tverskoy court in Moscow sentenced a 77-year-old human rights activist to 25 days in prison. He was convicted of again violating the order of the action (Part 8 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code). During the trial, his defendants noted that Ponomarev did not draft appeal procedures, but made repost notes of the Echo of Moscow website, including no signature from the author. He also informed the authorities about the action and tried to coordinate it.

The uncoordinated action "For us and your children" was held in different Russian cities on 28 October and ended with detentions.

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