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Match CSKA – "Dynamo" means nothing. Spartak is a champion!

If the RPL were divided into zones, the red and white would have won in this season's hypothetical Moscow Championship. The last metropolitan derby between CSKA and Dynamo, which will take place on 5 May, would not have influenced the final table.

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Of course, for the real distribution of seats in the RPL, the game of the 27th round of the Russian championship between CSKA and Dynamo is of the utmost importance. The first fight for the Champions League zone, because when you get there, you get vital money for the army. The second are intended to survive, preferably without participation in the play-offs, which could negatively influence the already damaged white-blue reputation.

Head derby is not only important for fans of the Moscow teams. They show the real situation in the competition: who is stable, who has a fever. There is always at least one metropolitan team fighting for the championship in the RPL, but it is not always the best in urban collisions. This is the case even now, when everything has already been decided in the virtual classification of the "Moscow Championship".

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"Spartak"in the opinion of most fans and experts, he spends a failing season for himself. Two years after the championship, the red and white are in fifth place and run the risk of being left without a European cup: Arsenal catches up.

At the same time, he scored 11 points in six meetings with the capitals "Spartak" and won the "Moscow Championship". This was largely due to the successful match against Dynamo, with which everyone once played a draw, except the red and whites: they have two wins.

Dynamo – Spartak – 0: 1. Goal and best moments

"Lokomotiv" this season is much more stable and fights for the highest places in the RPL. Railway workers can also become "Moscow champions". If the team of Yury Semin had not been lost to Spartak in December, it would now have at least 10 points in the first place.

Spartak – Lokomotiv – 2: 1. Goals and best moments

From almost completely updated CSKA few people waited for performance, but the army team exceeded all expectations. The departments of Viktor Goncharenko competed for gold medals for a long time and now continue to qualify for a direct ticket to the Champions League. So it's in the "Moscow Championship". Red and blue breathe in the back "Lokomotiv" and in case of a win over the "Dynamo" they can catch it on points. Admittedly, thanks to better results in personal meetings, the railway workers will still be higher.

CSKA – Lokomotiv – 0: 1. Goal and best moments

No offense to fans "Dynamo": their team guarantees stability. In this case, the results in the derby fully reflect the picture in the Premier League. The Dmitry Khokhlov team plays well, beats in every game, it's not easy for everyone, but it doesn't produce any results. Opponents on the veins get the matches out and the blue and white points are not achieved. So it can happen in the last derby of the season with CSKA.

Previous champions

In general, "Spartak" – the legitimate leader in Moscow. In the last five years, red and white have won the "main championship" for the third time. So it was in the 2014/15 season, and in the 2016/17 golden season, when the Moscow derby was held without Dynamo, who was playing in the FNL at that time. At the same time, only in the past, after the champion season, the red-and-white sank lower than the second place in the "Moscow Championship", with CSKA only beating once.

Lokomotiv took the "main championship" twice in the last five years: in 2014 and 2018. In addition, the railway workers were the strongest of them all last season: they won four times and signed again with Spartak and CSKA.

CSKA won the "Moscow Championship" only in the 2015/16 season. Just like Lokomotiv, the red-and-blue ones left no chance of getting someone, gaining 14 points in six games.

Another proof of Dynamo's dynamic stability is the results of the past five years. During this time, blue and white took off only once in last place: last season the team took the second line in the "Moscow Championship". But from 2014 to 2016, Dynamo consistently remained at the bottom of the list.

You can watch the live broadcast of the 27th round match of the CSKA-Dinamo Russian Championship on Sunday, May 5 from 15:55 on the MATCH PRIME TV channel, sportbox.ru, matchtv.ru and the Match! Club. "

CSKA – Dynamo. Russian Premier League. Tour 27

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