Megafon has in fact built a special office to sell better services online

Open a business sales center

Megafon announced the opening of the so-called "center of business opportunities & # 39 ;, the first of domestic telecom operators. It is located at the headquarters of the company in Moscow. After reporting the attached account manager on the planned visit to the center, business customers can test the latest developments: from workflow solutions to specialized office communication.

Representatives of companies will be able to see how solutions work in different interfaces for a manager or subordinate, ask personal questions to specialists and developers, as well as "try" proposals for specific business problems. In addition to the finished products that are already available for each customer, Megafon promises to demonstrate the new items that are currently at the stage of internal testing. Visitors can therefore use the & # 39; contract designer & # 39; see, which is now used to automate the work with documents in the legal department of the company.

MegaFon is convinced that customers in many regions also want to see with their own eyes how the company's solutions work, so in the future they want to scale up this experience to branches.

Office Solutions Zone

The space in the center is divided into thematic zones to show how you can solve various business problems and keep all processes under control, regardless of location.

The first zone presents office solutions. The "virtual PBX" service is designed to combine fixed and mobile telephony in an infrastructure that allows you to set up calls to a single multichannel number, upload analyzes to work with customers, and record conversations from employees of a company with customers.

In addition, MegaFon will demonstrate the work of Megafon Target, a solution for executing smart, targeted mailings using big data technology. With the help of the service, individual entrepreneurs and small businesses can draw the attention of customers to the opened company or the launched product. The owner of a small tire service, for example, can make an SMS mailing and only send it to men aged 35-44 who live nearby.

Megafon will demonstrate the possibilities of their products for business customers in the new center of business opportunities

In order to optimize the movement of employees and vehicles, business customers can test the solutions for "personnel control" and "vehicle fleet management".

Business Mobility Zone

The second zone is styled as a waiting room at the airport. Here the customer can legally sign important documents from a mobile device and imagine what is on the other side of the world – this is really with a mobile electronic signature & # 39; launched in April 2018. The signature is sent via an encrypted SMS channel, which prevents it from being falsified. In terms of security, a project partner is Crypto Pro, a company that specializes in data protection with the help of coding.

Here, too, business customers can test Mobile Connect technology, which uses a mobile phone number to authenticate and identify the subscriber and access online services with a few clicks. The solution will probably be suitable for e-commerce and retail customers. It is assumed that the registration procedure will encourage users of the site to make more purchases and transactions, which in the future will lead to an increase in sales conversion. In addition, the implementation of the solution will help maintain the relevance of the company's customer data and reduce the risk of fraud during operations for which an identity card is required.

Securing data security, protecting against viruses and infected files, preventing the interception of data over the network and attacks via Wi-Fi is meant to help the "anti-malware" solution.

Boxed Solutions Zone

In the third zone – an improvised café – there are "boxed" solutions. Here you can see mobile base stations for amplifying a femto cell signal.

Retail business customers will be able to independently connect online cash registers and set up payments for customers.

Companies with increased security requirements can focus on an intelligent video surveillance solution that allows you to track the situation at key production sites and take action quickly in the event of illegal entry.

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