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New Microsoft browser: what it looks like and what it can do

The company plans to transfer all versions of the Edge browser in 2019 to a third-party engine. Now Google Chrome, Atom, Opera and many other browsers are working on this engine. It seems that the updated Edge will be released soon, as journalists have already tested a fully working version.

screenshot of The Verge

Externally, the new version of the Microsoft browser looks like a combination of Edge and Chrome, but the design has changed only in small things. When you switch to Chromium, the browser has lost a number of functions, such as formatting tabs and writing notes on pages. But Edge supports extensions from Chrome, you can download them directly from the Google Store. Extensions work exactly the same as in Chrome.

screenshots of the roadside

The rest of the Edge has remained the same. Perhaps the new features will be added in the future, but Microsoft has promised not to change the browser dramatically. The roadside journalist noted that the new Edge is already working steadily. This means that the browser will soon be available for the beta test and will remain close to the final release.

Edge with the transition to Chromium will no longer be exclusive to Windows 10. It can be installed on old versions of Windows via an exe file and even comes out for macOS.

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