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Photo: Fans don't recognize Shishkov with dark hair | news

Former beloved Timati model Alena Shishkova surprised subscribers with a cardinal change of image. Recently the girl became increasingly suspected of being pregnant – the model recovered noticeably and began to choose loose clothing. But apparently Shishkova's rumors are tired of it – and she took the figure vigorously.

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In the new photo, Shishkov poses in a hotel room in a red bathing suit with a strapless bra. The photo shows perfectly that Alain has lost a few kilos. Moreover, the hair of the model is much darker than before – subscribers wonder if Shishkov has been dyed again or if the hair returns to its usual color after drying.

"Little Dark." Immediately and don't know. "

"Please let it be photoshop!"

"The hair is just wet, people, that's why it's so & # 39; n color", – fans are discussing.

Instagram @ missalena.92

Some time later, Shishkov's publication was removed so that fans could not continue the discussion, URA.RU reports.

Previously 5-tv.ru wrote that users were critical Alain Shishkova for excessive thinness.

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