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protest citizens resume in Yekaterinburg

Cited special forces Znak.com

The defenders of the square at the Drama Theater in the center of Yekaterinburg are once again gathering for a spontaneous action. Remember that they are protesting against the construction of the St. Catherine Church in the park. Today the promotion takes place for the fourth time. As the correspondent from Znak.com reports, today a fence appeared, metal detectors installed at the entrance to the square. Citizens inspect the entrance.

Across the square entrance are visible police buses and cars, riot police trucks, which yesterday, May 15, have seriously arrested the defenders of the square. In addition, there are three trucks with camouflage people from the quay. Officially it was not possible to obtain information about this unit of the security forces. According to the readers of Znak.com, they are employees of the special units "Ural". He was previously called the 12th Special Forces Detachment of the Internal Forces of Nizhny Tagil. Refers to elite pieces.

Square and the dike was surrounded by another fenceSquare and the dike was surrounded by another fenceZnak.com

Nowadays, citizens don't take active actions, they just walk in the public garden.

Remember that a temple of St. Catherine will be built in the park near the Drama Theater. The construction of the religious building was approved by the city council, went through the public discussion process and should be completed by 2023. The St. Catherine Foundation received a building permit on 25 April and a fence was placed in the public garden on the night of 12 to 13 May. Then protests in defense of the square, which last well into the night and only end when people from the riot police are squeezed, are held daily on the square.

Checkpoint at the entrance of the squareCheckpoint at the entrance of the squareZnak.com

On the eve of the third day of the protest, according to the latest data, 70 people, including three children, were detained. The court has currently administratively arrested two detainees of 2 to 10 days on the second day of the demonstration.

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