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Reasons not to buy a new UAZ "Patriot" on the network

Motorists have frankly criticized the famous domestic SUV, and offer good alternatives for this.

In one of the VKontakte automotive communities dedicated to the Russian car industry, the driver decided to ask if it was worth buying a new Patriot UAZ. It was very important for him to learn the most objective opinion, because he asked seasoned motorists to be as honest as possible: "I want to take him as a second car for fishing and nature trips."

However, administrators did not appreciate this comment, given that the UAZ "Patriot" is not very suitable for such cases, because it is insurmountably expensive, and it will be much easier to buy something cheaper. Of the shortcomings of the "Patrick" motorists emit too high a consumption, and the fact that on the heavy off-road prok of him and there is not much, because the large and weak engine – obviously not the best combination.

"He's greedy. And on the roads – like an iron. It's good to be worn on the highway alone, it's better to take a shnivy," suggested alternatives on the network. You can also focus your attention on the UAZ 315, which according to drivers is much more suitable for the tasks and the price on the secondary market is an order of magnitude lower than the costs of the new UAZ Patriot.

In short, motorists came to the conclusion that Patrick needed too much attention and care, and it would not be possible to buy it without spending all my free time in the garage and constantly repairing something: the money they ask for it . "

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