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Sberbank imposed a tax of 4% on bank cards

The whole country literally uses the services of the Sberbank credit institution, and to be precise, more than 85 million Russians living in different parts of Russia. The vast majority of people are at the same time extremely bad at home in financial issues and prefer information from professionals. This bank imposes an extremely large amount of bank cards on its customers, and since 1 January 2019 it has introduced a 4% tax. When they receive money, users report this in social networks and in some forums.

Reportedly, the largest and most famous bank in Russia on the basis of a new law that came into force in Russia on January 1, 2019, began to charge 4% tax on bank cardholders if a person received money on his card, that is, another person. If the money comes from a legal person or an individual entrepreneur, the tax rate is increased by 50% – up to 6%. Fines of considerable size are charged for non-payment of a new tax.

Fortunately, things are not nearly as bad and unambiguous as many people think. The new law actually appeared in Russia and now citizens of the Russian Federation can pay "Professional income tax", but only Russians can pay this, who will voluntarily receive the status of self-employed in the Federal Tax Office. Only in this case do you have to pay taxes from the money transferred to bank cards and accounts, including those from the Sberbank financial institution.

Simply put, ordinary Russians who are not self-employed and do not get such a status do not have to pay 4% or 6% tax on the money that goes to bank cards. Most likely, the confusion among many people in Russia has arisen from the fact that, unlike legal persons and individual entrepreneurs, self-employed people do not have to open separate bank accounts, meaning that you can receive money on a person's accounts and cards. For this Sberbank has even added special functions to its online bank.

Earlier it was discovered that Sberbank has introduced new rules for credit card debit.

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