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sensational statement refused by the greats Baranovskoy :: Show business :: Dni.ru

Julia Baranovskaya gave a candid interview in which she spoke about her personal life. She explained why the appearance of the man is not important to her, and told whether she is happy in a relationship.

Julia Baranovskaya admitted: she has someone to go with, but there is not a man that she is ready to officially present to the public. "This is not female loneliness, not suffering – this is a position. I am a rather categorical person. I do not want to try, I do not want to stand a chance of" pale mushrooms ", because I know that I absolutely want a truffle. someone can be renewed, brought up or something else, "the TV presenter explained.

However, Julia made a reservation, even if she had a serious relationship, she would not advertise. "This is not the part of my life where I would like to attract and attract attention, I certainly will not have such a relationship: a wedding photo on the cover – we give this publication, the birth of a child – this edition. I already had it, and I want the other, "- said Baranovskaya.

One of the most attractive TV anchors on domestic television, it turns out, is not that important a man's appearance. "I see no cubes, no age, nothing, I can't say a scary or handsome man, I look inside, and in the first place the responsibility of the man is important to me: spirit, intelligence and a sense of humor are important, "quoted Julia Baranovskaya. And it's important to her that a man can answer his words and not lie.

Besides, the father of her three children, a civilian husband, football player Andrei Arshavin, left her for a journalist Alisa Kazmina when she was pregnant. Julia Baranovskaya does not know why men change. "If I were a man, I replied. Sometimes we think we can be responsible for others, but this just seems to be," the TV host explained.

According to her, betrayal has no gender. "If the relationship is outdated, you have to talk about it honestly. And betrayal is cowardice, so I can't accept it," Yulia Baranovsky quoted PeopleTalk.

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