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Sheffield United sponsored the family of the terrorist Osama bin Laden

Sheffield United sponsored terrorist family

Maxim Eremin
Maxim Eremin

Sheffield United has sponsored a family of terrorists. Nobody knew about it

Discovered by accident.

Sheffield United returned to the Premier League after 13 years.

By the way, the club became champion of England at the end of the 19th century. As befits a real "club museum", the rich history of "Sheffield" does not rest on a large collection of trophies. Here and the fact of joining the major divisions is a success in itself.

He helped a lot in his performance Billy Sharp. To justify the name, he covered mittens for critics who joked about the condition of his club. And Chris Wilder, another fan of missing a few pints with fans – in terms of worship, he even overshadowed at one point Bielsa.

Everything, but only like the scent of the Premier League, drove the owner. There are several in Sheffield.


One of them, Kevin McCabe, is not afraid of saying goodbye to his share of the rights, but does not want the club to become wholly owned by a member of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. And he does not want to provide a large loan, which he regards as a free investment from former partners.

Al Saud seeks this right through the High Court of London, one of the highest British courts. The case is not yet complete, but the Arab has already managed to compromise the opponent.

Prince & # 39; s lawyer said McCabe received € 3.5 million in financial support. And that money came from the Osama bin Laden family. At that time the leader of a well-known terrorist organization.

The court received an e-mail in which a colleague McCabe wrote that "he does not want to see the headlines that the club is whitening money from extremists". McCabe called the correspondence & # 39; Stebom & # 39 ;. Funny.

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