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The authors of Project CARS showed the main design of their console Mad Box

The makers were a week ago Project CARS of the Somewhat crazy studio & # 39; s announced an ambitious goal in about three years to release a full console. At the same time, the head of the Ian Bell company introduced several concepts that looked more like exotic computer housings.
Many did not like this decision from developers, so the studio decided to make a more similar to the traditional design of the console. Today it is normal to provide.

According to Bell, the appearance of the device may change in the future, but only slightly – in general, the Slightly Mad team expects to release the device in this form. It is easy to see that the console looks like racing cars.

At the front of the Mad Box there is a touch screen with messages and information about the active application or game. Some functions can be operated directly, for example, recording the next number. In addition, players can change the color of the screen and even choose themes for it.

In addition, the back panel of Mad Box can be replaced with a more exotic – in the style of a game or movie, or just in a different color.

The console itself can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position, as can be mounted on the wall.

Console developers expect to be able to make the most powerful device on the market that games can play, even in VR at 120 frames per second (60 fps per eye) in 4K resolution. Several manufacturers are working on the hardware stuffing, which appears to be there AMD and NVIDIA.
Besides Mad Box, the Slightly Mad team is now working on the third part of Project CARS, which will be a kind of spiritual successor to Need for Speed ​​Shift, but with all the features of an autosimulator.

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