The Big Bang Theory star spoke about filming sex scenes in the new series: Movie: Culture:

American actress Kaley Cuoco, who plays drunken flight attendant Cassie Bowden in the new series “Flight Attendant”, has shared details of filming sex scenes with project partner Michiel Hausman, best known for playing Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones. The star told USA Today about this.

“I had similar scenes in The Big Bang Theory, but it never felt like a real sex scene. I said to Mikhil, “I’ve never filmed like this, have you?” He replied, “Filmed about 30-40 times,” – admitted Cuoco.

“When we started filming this scene, I still couldn’t do my best. Michel then said: “It looks like you are floating above the toilet in a public toilet. What are you doing?” Then he had to clumsily teach me to have sex for fun, ”the actress added.

Kaley Cuoco added that “The Stewardess” is her chance to show viewers that she can play more “serious and emotional” roles, not just comedic ones.

The plot of the eight-part project is based on Chris Bohjalyan’s book of the same name. The first three episodes of the black comedy thriller about a flight attendant named Cassie became available on HBO on November 26.

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