The expert named COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC’s most dangerous distributors

People who are asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus infection are often overexploited by the virus. This was stated in an interview with radio Sputnik by biosafety expert, doctor of medical sciences, presenter of the TV channel “Doctor” Nikolai Durmanov.

“There is growing evidence that people who are completely asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms are sometimes super spreaders or super distributors of the virus. This is an insidious phenomenon, ”said Durmanov.

According to him, a person can look healthy, but at the same time produce a large amount of the virus in the environment. This does not affect him, but others around him can become seriously ill.

The immunologist described the signs of an asymptomatic course of coronavirus in humans

Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN

It is possible to understand that a person is a super distributor of the virus just with the help of a test. However, in this case, all healthy people will have to be checked, which is impossible, the expert noted.

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