The Russian doctor said measles could be the cause of another epidemic

The Russian doctor Yevgeny Pinelis, who now works at a hospital in New York, said on Facebook that pediatricians fear an outbreak of measles, which could happen by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

– Pediatricians are raising the alarm that many children are losing access to vaccinations. Now measles is also becoming a threat. A few more years from the epidemic and let’s remember polio, – he wrote, arguing about the impact of the pandemic on school children.

Scientists at the Murdoch Research Institute in Melbourne have expressed similar concerns. The fact is that during the pandemic many countries suspended routine vaccinations – according to the WHO, 94 million children in 26 countries of the world were not vaccinated against measles.

Experts believe that the economic impact of the coronavirus may contribute to the measles outbreak. The increase in hunger levels in some populations negatively impacts the protective functions of the immune system, reducing the chance that someone will recover from measles, RIA Novosti writes.

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