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Xiaomi Mi 9 SE review: powerful filling and low price

Gradient as everywhere

Externally, the SE version differs from the usual MI 9 only in size (screen 5.97 versus 6.39 inch), otherwise the smartphones are almost completely identical. As a result, we get one of the most compact flagships: Mi 9 SE is one and a half centimeters shorter than many "spades"and a width of 70 mm comfort for use with one hand.

The back is made of glass with an iridescent effect, like most modern "Chinese". A model with a blue panel has arrived, but there will be variants with black and lilac-pink colors in the range. They all look spectacular, but collect fingerprints quickly. To keep the phone clean, it comes with a transparent silicone case. The truth is somewhat annoying that we are in black: from below we see bright blue body elements – it looks a bit strange. But anyway, thank you for having at least some protection in the box.

The triple camera module roars noticeably, it is in the upper left corner of the back, the lenses are arranged vertically. The sides of the Mi 9 SE are made of metal. On the right side of the set buttons and lock, on the other side – a double slot for SIM cards (USB stick cannot be inserted). Lower connector for charging USB-C and a pair of speakers.

In general, the device looks fantastic: it is not the desire to quickly pack it in a complete suitcase to hide this beauty from the eyes. Sad only the lack of a standard headphone jack, but this is trivial.

The screen is smaller, but not worse

The frames of the screen are thin, this is not to surprise anyone. Upstairs there is a neat, drop-shaped notch for the front camera. A fingerprint scanner is built into the screen – a handy solution and another tribute to modern fashion.

Move the slider to view photos!

The diagonal of the AMOLED screen was 5.97 inches – slightly less than the Mi 9 flagship (it has 6.39 inches). But the resolution of the "brothers" is the same (Full HD +). And although the screen has been somewhat lost in size, you watch the series and sit on social networks from there no further. Brightness is more than enough here, the photo is perfectly visible in the sun. Viewing angles are also worthy. You can only complain about the contrast: some colors in standard mode seem too acidic. But the problem is solved quickly: you can adjust the values ​​in the settings yourself.

There is a dark mode, which causes the phone to discharge more slowly (the pixels are not lit). Well, about Always on Display is not forgotten: the display can constantly display the time and messages without damaging the battery.

PUBG at maximum speeds? Easy!

It was interesting to look at the possibilities of the Mi 9 SE in demanding games and synthetic tests. If the usual Mi 9 could boast super powerful mobile iron and grabbed record breaking indicators in AnTuTu, then the situation of "younger brothers" is slightly different. No wonder it is ultimately considered a simplified version. A weaker eight-core Snapdragon 712 processor (overclocked version 710) with Adreno 616 graphics is responsible for the operation of the system. The RAM size is 6 GB of the LPDDR4X type, constant – 64 or 128 GB to power out choose.

It turned out that not the most current filling today attracts all modern games. PUBG when you first start automatically sets the maximum graphic settings and works flawlessly in this mode. On the other hand, Shadowguns Legends on the "Ultras" podlag somewhat (although there were also noticeable shocks on the Mi 9 flagship. It was probably a matter of poor optimization). There are no complaints about the interface – there are no indications of delays.

There were no unexpected disclosures in the tests. Geekbench 4 showed that the performance of the smartphone is about the same as the flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S8 two years ago. The results are similar in AnTuTu: the phone was between the Huawei Nova 4 and the Vivo V15 Pro. Who needs these assessments if the device works almost perfectly?

Three cameras & # 39; s

The cameras in the trimmed version of the flagship also suffered, but not much. The number of sensors remained the same and the main sensor at 48 megapixels is in place. But the resolution of "wide" and "telefoto" was reduced to 13 and 8 megapixels respectively. How does this affect the device's photo capabilities? Yes, almost nothing.

The device produces excellent photos during the day, even in automatic mode. Here, and good details, and the right color (although there appear to be some problems with contrast on the smartphone screen). There is support for artificial intelligence. Although the advantage is controversial: only a professional sees differences in photos with or without AI.

Watch Xiaomi Mi 9 SE & # 39; shoot in the afternoon – scroll through the gallery!

The photos are poor in low light. The night mode also does not save: photos are brighter, but this makes them even more noise and all kinds of artifacts.

No night mode
With night mode

Move the slider to view photos!

But the work of the super wide-angle lens left mixed impressions. On the one hand, much more detail really comes into the picture. On the other hand, a fish-eye effect appears, the image is noticeably blurred on the sides.

No super-wide lens effect
Super Wide Shot

Move the slider to view photos!

The portrait mode works well: in most cases, the software covers the background correctly. Depth of the field can already be selected in the post-processing process, which is nice.

Frontalka 20 megapixels shoots perfectly. There are all kinds of enhancers, such as skin improvement, correction and even applying light makeup. In general acne for the face can not worry.

Fast charge, slow discharge

The 3070 mAh battery is anything but top, but the optimum capacity for a mid-range smartphone. The device can withstand a full day of work if you do not fully charge it. In the movie viewing mode at medium brightness, Mi 9 SE worked for us for about 16 hours. This is a pretty good result, comparable to the same Mi 9 or even Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Unfortunately, the super fast wireless 27 W charging was not delivered (this is for the flagships). But wired with a maximum power of 18 W is supported.

An error occurred while downloading.


One of the most important competitors for the Mi 9 SE could be last year's phone from the same line – regular Mi 8. There is a great Snapdragon 845 chipset and the same 6 GB RAM. The resolution of the display is the same except that there is an outdated "mono-brow" instead of a drop-shaped cutout and there is no fingerprint scanner for the sub-screen. There is almost no price difference, so this is almost perfect for your money. But Mi 8 is noticeably larger. If you are looking for a compact flagship, you need an SE.

Samsung Galaxy S10e – this is perhaps the closest thing to the Mi 9 SE smartphone. It also became a trimmed version of the flagship. Among its benefits worth mentioning is a complete rejection of bangs in favor of a hole under the front screen, a top-end Snapdragon 855 processor (or Exynos 9820) and an excellent dual camera. Admittedly, this device is much more expensive – from 40 thousand to the & # 39; gray & # 39; sellers and a whopping 56 at the official!

Another interesting option – Honor 10 Premium. The model with nice gradient colors and high-quality dual camera is not outdated at all, you can buy it for around 25 thousand rubles (this is for the 8 GB version of the RAM and 128 GB of internal memory).

Advice Hi-Tech.Mail.ru

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE is by chance considered a simplified version of the flagship: there is a weaker processor, less battery capacity and charging speed, and a somewhat trimmed camera. But the most important question is whether the smartphone has gotten worse? Absolutely not.

Snapdragon 712, although previously related to the mid-market segment, gets the latest titles at maximum speed and does not get overheated. The screen has really been reduced, but that has only made the phone more convenient and compact. Regarding wireless charging, we will be honest: few people use it today, moreover, the adapter should be purchased separately.

However, some functions are still not enough. For example, I want to see the IP68 moisture protection standard and optical stabilization in at least one of the cameras. Moreover, a separate slot for microSD cards is clearly not superfluous for many. Unfortunately, these opportunities are not even in the flagship model, so it makes no sense to demand them from the trimmed version. But the latter is much cheaper: a version with 64 GB of memory can be purchased for just 24,990 rubles – a "ten" cheaper than a normal Mi 9 with the same memory capacity.

Great design

High-quality AMOLED screen

Scanner under the display

Good performances

Have an NFC

Triple Camera

Low price

You cannot install a USB flash drive

No headphone connection

No optical stabilization

No face unlocking

No ultra-fast wireless charging





Main camera


Front camera




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