10 thousand Taif girls volunteered in seven humanitarian initiatives

The Taif Girls implemented the Taif Volunteer Initiative, which was launched by the General Administration of Education in Taif Governorate, represented by the Department of Student Activity, more than 20,000 volunteer hours through 7 volunteer campaigns in different religious, social, ecological and humanitarian aspects.

The Taif initiative is one of the kind of initiatives initiated by Taif Education and aims to disseminate the culture of volunteering and to apply to the different sectors of society, to increase the value of volunteering among students and to increase the value of it. to increase the progress and progress of society.

The volunteer campaign of Taif included more than 10,000 students and supervisors and a large number of parents. The initiative also included schools and neighborhood clubs for girls. The "Baitullah Allah Be" ayna "campaign was the first volunteer campaign in which 2,500 volunteers participated. The campaign lasted for one week, followed by a one-body campaign aimed at orphanages, rosters and cleaning staff. 2400 volunteers took part in the campaign for 10 days. The HMM campaign, aimed at people with special needs, was carried out by 500 volunteers. During 5 days, and then the campaign (Roses Without Opuses), aimed at spreading the culture of the En participated in the implementation of 2200 volunteers, took 15 days and then campaigned (Shaar Rahman), directed against pilgrims in the Holy Mosque of the Holy Mosque And participated in the implementation of 2,200 participation, and lasted 10 days, and the campaign (hand in hand), aimed at students from families with a limited income in connection with the start of the new school year, and participated in more than 1000 students and a member for a week.

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