1200 Scouts help more than 14,000 pilgrims in two days

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Riyadh – Abdullah Al-Saeed – Scouts led participants in the service of pilgrims from the public service camps of the Saudi Scout Association to the dawn of Arafa's day, 14503 pilgrims of different nationalities, 3411 pilgrims were delivered to the headquarters of their campaigns, and guidance of 11092 pilgrims guidance and explanation, The scouts performed 1146 flights. On the 7th and 8th day, the Society recruited only about 1200 scouts, mobile and commander in the eight Mina information centers, in addition to the guide points through an accurate rotation system or electronic registration.

The scouts follow a specific mechanism in the extension process, where the registration data of the deceased pilgrim are recorded on the wrist and then recorded in the computer and then determined by the institution followed by a scout or a scout who has the guide and map of the hair to be supplied, many of the electronic devices in the extension of the work, including smart devices.

The general supervisor of the service camps in the Kingdom, Dr. Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al-Fahd, said the distribution of cards issued by the Association, which amounted to more than one million cards and distributed to pilgrims, in addition to the electronic application of the card, and his presence in large sizes in the paintings and places several Mina, helping pilgrims to identify their camps leads to a reduction in the number of people who have lost their lives.

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28a403e688.jpg Scout sprinkles water to soften the atmosphere of a number of pilgrims
e320750a90.jpg And a fourth needs a campsite in Mina

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