3 ways to follow the Hajj from moment to moment

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Thank you for reading 3 ways to follow Hajj from moment to moment and to ensure that we always try to give you everything that is new and exclusive and now we go into details

Jeddah – Khalid Shwail – In combination with the hajj season it is possible to follow the hajj atmosphere through a series of applications that offer you live broadcast of the hajj every moment, the next are the most important.


YouTube is one of the most important sites you can go to during Eid al-Adha to follow the Hajj moment per minute through the live broadcast. There are many Saudi channels on YouTube that have been offering this service for years, such as the Ministry of Culture and Information.


And some pilgrims wanted to transfer something from the atmosphere to their friends confidently during the live broadcast, which means that in a moment on Facebook many live broadcasts from the Hajj moment will take place, just search within the section dedicated to live events. broadcast.

Snape Chat:

So far, the application of Snape Chat has not yet been announced whether it will offer a function to broadcast the hajj, but this has been long-awaited. The famous application was launched in the name of Hajj Live, this coincided with the pilgrims who stood on Mount Arafa. People all over the world follow the moments of pilgrims as they carry out their lives via their mobile phone lenses.


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