8 questions that explain the details and objectives of the center of enrichment. Most particularly: who built and what is presented?

Thank you for reading 8 questions about the details and objectives of the enrichment center. The most prominent: who built and what is being presented? We assure you that we always want to offer you everything that is new and exclusive and now we go into details

Jeddah – Khaled Shuwail – King Abdulaziz Cultural Center – Ithra – takes the leading role in the Time magazine list of the 100 most visited places in the world.

There are 8 questions that explain the details and objectives of the enrichment center.

Who designed the building?

The building was designed by the Norwegian architect firm "Sinohita" which meets the environmental standards of LEED certification, which is leading in the area of ​​energy and environmental design.

What is enrichment?

The Ithraa Center is an innovative cultural platform that aims to inspire its pioneers from the Kingdom and around the world in the areas of creativity, knowledge and innovation through our programs and initiatives that encourage participation and collaboration.

What is the task of enrichment?

In line with the 2030 vision in Saudi Arabia: it supports the enrichment of the transformation of the Kingdom and the promotion of a knowledge economy.

What are the basic enrichment departments?

The sections of the King Abdulaziz International Cultural Center include unique practical and collective teaching methods in different scientific fields that are suitable for all age groups.The center contains a library that serves as a unique model in the cultural community.The library contains 250,000 books in both Arabic like English. It also offers visitors the possibility to borrow books with a capacity of half a million books. "What sets the library apart is to come into contact with various segments of society through interactive programs and activities, as well as the Knowledge Tower, which offers 2000 workshops per year in all fields of knowledge, such as science and technology. and building skills for individuals, in collaboration with the best international and local specialized educational institutions.

The center contributes to the development of digital Arabic content and offers high-quality sources for young people through interactive games and animated films. The Idea Lab provides space for creativity and the creation of new ideas and transforms it into marketable models and products. 60 creative works and a library with 600 innovative materials, where 300 workshops are held each year as a reference in generating ideas and creative projects. The museum has a panoramic vision to rediscover Saudi culture during a historical journey through 4 art exhibitions, each focused on a specific range of cultural expression and understanding. Where the visitor of Saudi contemporary art, then the identity and heritage of Saudi Arabia, through the art and civilization of Islam, and ending with the natural history of the Arabian peninsula.

The Children's Museum, for children up to 12 years old, is the first of its kind in the Kingdom to become a place to develop their cognitive and personal skills through exhibitions and activities that help them discover themselves and build their confidence. build by receiving educational experiences.

The 900-seater theater offers Saudi works and art shows from around the world, as well as the cinematic and documentaries that Enrich Cinema offers to support and nourish young filmmakers in the Kingdom.

The archives department is responsible for the management and preservation of archives and documents that follow the heritage and social history of the Kingdom from rare and historical collections with lots of photographs and documentaries.The archive presents the story of Saudi Aramco.With the early beginnings of the company through its early successes and reaching its current day, Modern technology and diverse media, so that visitors can enjoy a journey around oil, science, energy and technology.

What will the Center offer?

Educational possibilities in the field of art, culture, science and subjects of "STEM" (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

It also offers opportunities for cooperation and cooperation with various local and international cultural institutions.

The center also offers a groundbreaking platform for volunteering by offering voluntary opportunities for information exchange and skills development.

The center offers pleasant learning experiences that help children discover themselves and develop their personality in the first children's museum in the Kingdom.

Has the center been officially opened?

The center is accessible to everyone and all segments of society of different ages can benefit from the unique program. Since the opening, the center has visited 260,000 visitors.

Is the center only suitable for families? Are young people and individuals allowed to come in?

The center welcomes everyone, and the activities of the center are designed for all age groups and social backgrounds.

Are there partnerships or relationships with museums or other institutions?

The center has partnerships with a number of local and international cultural and academic institutions, including the public library King Abdulaziz, the general authority for tourism and national heritage and similar institutions in the United States and Europe.


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