A team to give incentives to Saudi exporters

Al-Eqtisadiya learned from an informed source in the Saudi Export Development Authority that a team working to stimulate Saudi exporters began designing the service delivery model and studying its legal framework in accordance with the World Trade Organization laws. .
The sources considered that the work on the design of this policy and these rules and the operational model of the Saudi export incentive program, for which SR 66 million has been allocated, should provide financial incentives to exporters to cover some of the costs. support activities related to the export process, to increase the number of Saudi exporters and the access of their products to global markets.
According to the sources, "Saudi Exports" continues to implement its main initiatives: improving the efficiency of the export environment, developing the export opportunities of Saudi companies, promoting exporters and products, and establishing the Saudi Export Bank, providing solutions and financial and direct financing services. Saudi exporters will offer. Financing currently offered by local banks and other government programs.
In addition to supervising the establishment of the bank and completing the necessary legal procedures for the establishment, in cooperation with the relevant government institutions.
The Authority is also working to promote exporters and their products to help them choose suitable markets for their products, find suitable export opportunities and link them to potential partners and buyers in the international markets, as well as the Saudi export opportunities. to develop companies to increase Saudi business know-how on best export practices and export policies and procedures. Kingdom and priority markets through training program & # 39; s, financial and advisory assistance.
One of the initiatives is to improve the efficiency of the export environment, which is aimed at creating an export culture and awareness of its importance, solving the challenges faced by exporters and helping them with logistical support and qualified personnel. to obtain the area of ​​export. Saudi Exports recently launched the Export Challenges & # 39; launched to support exporters and to follow and analyze the local and international challenges they face, and to find effective solutions to tackle them and ensure that they are not replicated in cooperation with the relevant public authorities.
The sources divided the export challenges for exporters into two basic types, external or international challenges imposed by countries at their borders, such as tariff barriers and procedural barriers, and internal challenges that limit the flow of Saudi exports abroad due to procedural or logistical constraints that increase costs.
Saudi exports, according to sources, make corrective decisions and inform exporters as soon as they are completed, thus reducing the challenges faced by investors during the export process. They note that it has solved 70% of the total obstacles since the start. Were received, in collaboration with partners from relevant government agencies, where external barriers were resolved, were 30 percent, while internal obstacles were 70 percent.
Saudi-American exporters urge exporters to record every challenge they face during the export process via their electronic portal and to support them in developing the export environment.

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