A third death among the Jordanian pilgrims in Mecca

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Haj Mohammed Abdul Jawad Abdulrahman Al-Rashaydeh died on Monday while performing Hajj in Mecca, according to the Jordanian Foreign Ministry.

The ministry said in a press statement that a Jordanian pilgrim (the late Mohammed Abdul Jawad Abdul Rahman Rashaydeh), who passed to the mercy of God during the Hajj in Mecca, was received by the Jordanian Hajj mission in Mecca on Monday.

His family chose to be buried in Mecca. Coordination with the Jordanian consulate in Jeddah.

A Jordanian pilgrim of the Hajj pilgrims died at dawn on Sunday because he had a satisfying record that caused him to die at the age of 52. "The second death was one of the pilgrims of a Jordan born in 1966 and suffered from heart disease, Stayed at the hotel.

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