Al-Fadhli: Soon allow the private sector to import barley according to the specifications of the General Enterprise for grain

Riyadh – Harmony:

Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli stressed the efforts of the environmental, water and agricultural system to develop livestock farming in the Kingdom and achieve sustainability by working towards an integrated strategy to improve production and productivity in the area. livestock.
Al-Fadhli said in an open meeting held on Saturday at the General Grain Corporation with livestock farmers attended by his Excellency Deputy Minister Eng. Mansour Al Mushaiti that all sectors of the ministry try to develop animal husbandry to achieve sustainability in its broader concept and benefit from international experiences in the development of this important vital sector. The Ministry's ongoing work in organizational, research, monitoring and executive aspects in this area. He also emphasized that the decision to stop the cultivation of animal feed will start after 34 days and that farmers must work continuously to invest in other alternatives announced by the ministry.
During the meeting, which was attended by a number of related sectors and specialists, HE Ahmed Al Fares, Governor of the General Grain Corporation, revealed that according to the World Cereal Council, the Kingdom imports about 35% of the world trade of barley. only. He stressed that the prices of barley, like any international commodity whose prices depend on supply and demand, and that farmers should strive for more stable and reliable alternatives for the long term.
During the three-hour meeting, the Minister inaugurated the Regular Loan Program of the Agricultural Development Fund to finance livestock farmers The idea of ​​financing the activity is direct financing within short-term credit services for regular operational loans by granting loans to the Fund's advanced clients. The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has a maximum repayment period of 500 years, a grace period of one year, a maximum amount of SR 100,000 and a monthly repayment of 24 months. The program aims for liquidity to support small farmers and support for rural development. areas with animal husbandry.
The deputy chairman of the Food and Medicines Authority, Dr. Saleh Al-Dosari, the role of the Commission in ensuring healthy and safe food for livestock, indicating that the table has been adopted for the classification of offenses and the fines that are prescribed in accordance with the feeding system. In order to ensure the safety of forage crops, the Commission has adopted 34 standards and technical requirements for feedingstuffs, including: health procedures for the transport of packaged and bulk feed and feed materials authorized and prohibited for use in animal feed and animal feed Integrated for sheep, combined food for camels, Green food.
Dr. Saleh Al-Dosari examined the role of the Commission to ensure the safety of feed, noting that next month the task of control and control of imported feed in the ports will be transferred to the authority to check all feed facilities and registration of feed products . In cases of mortality resulting from animal feed, the role of the Commission is to impose formal procedures and sanctions on feed production facilities.
The undersecretary of the Ministry for animal welfare. Hamad Al-Batshan revealed that the ministry's strategy for animal development is based on 6 basic programs aimed at improving the production and productivity and transfer of livestock from a traditional craft to a professional profession. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development organizes the establishment of 130 model farms by 13 cooperatives. It is intended, with God's model for vocational education intensive, which will show that these farms will not be used at all in the cattle feed barley to prove that a healthy and nutritious for cattle alternatives can be utilized.

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