Al – Riyadh Gazette Sudanese Minister of Information praises Saudi efforts to serve guests of pilgrims

HE, the Minister of Information and Deputy Prime Minister. Ahmed Bilal, praised the services and efforts of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve the pilgrims during the Hajj season of the current year 1439H.

He said: "The guests of Al-Rahman have referred to the level of their service and to the meticulous organization that has a positive effect on the level of the services provided to them, and attention to all pilgrimage aspects and provide the best services for pilgrims, and I pray God Almighty to maintain the Kingdom of security and stability under the guidance of rational.

He expressed his gratitude and all media delegations to participate in this year's pilgrimage to his Excellency the Minister of Information. Awad Al-Awad to organize everything that helps them in the news in the media about the pilgrim movement and their transfer to the sacred feelings.He expressed the happiness of all to visit the kingdom, the safe land thanks to God and then the invitation from our master Ibrahim The kingdom and its citizens must enjoy security, prosperity and stability.

Dr. Bilal emphasized that the meeting of media professionals in the Hajj season of the year is one of the most important fruits and benefits of Haj. The media exchange experiences and knowledge, which contributes to uniting the class, goals, objectives and media messages. He called on the members of the media delegation to take part in the Hajj. To all the riches of the nation and to refute all the rumors that want to undermine the security and stability of the Arab and Islamic countries, seeking help and reconciliation for all.

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