Al – Riyadh Newspaper 234 rotten chickens in a refrigerator in the commercial center of Taif

Taif secretariat represented by the municipality West Taif subsidiary more than 234 packages of rotten chilled chicken.This came after receipt of complaints from citizens by telephone 924 of the poor storage and storage of chickens at a food sales center, and immediately started the control teams of the municipality West Taif sub site The chicken was confiscated and destroyed.

The secretariat explained that the environment of storage and storage was poor, which affected the chickens and the damage, in addition to the display in open fridges, and municipal observers imposed fines against the center and the confiscation of chickens and destruction.

The secretariat explained that it does not jeopardize the application of fines and instructions against offenders and consumers of consumer health, and that the offenders are placed under constant supervision to ensure that the violations are corrected.

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