Al – Riyadh Newspaper 25 departments of the Ministry of Environment follow the implementation of the "Adhiti" campaign in all regions of the Kingdom

The Ministry of the Environment, Water and Agriculture continued with 25 offices and offices to follow the implementation of the "Adhiti" campaign in all regions of the Kingdom since last Thursday to raise awareness of the focuses on all segments of society, Dr. Ibrahim Qassem, Director General of the General Department of Livestock Services at the ministry, said the leading campaign on the conditions of the sacrifice in the pilgrimage season this year is 1439H, targeting all regions of the Kingdom from 5 to 9 Dhu al-Hijjah, Follow-up 2 Dr. Kassem added that the campaign is being supervised by more than 41 physicians and vets to raise awareness about the sacrifice, how to choose it, and to help those who want to buy the sacrificial animal through direct communication in the target livestock markets. And to urge them not to slaughter the udhiyah, except in approved and controlled slaughterhouses and to dispose of animal waste in safe ways, and to guide them to the best way to store and store meat after slaughter, in addition to health education.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture continues to implement its plan for the Hajj season of 1439H, by increasing the willingness by supplying more than 125 physicians, veterinary assistants and agricultural researchers, as well as the assignment of about 70 veterinarians, agricultural engineers and laboratory technicians in different regions of the Kingdom;

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