Al – Riyadh Newspaper A mechanism for the handling of advertising functions and the definition of pharmaceutical and plant products

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has published a proposal for a mechanism for locating the functions of advertising and herbalists and has set the deadline for receiving comments on September 20th.

The design is part of the efforts of the SFDA to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2030. In line with the national transformation program to keep track of the jobs in cooperation with the relevant authorities, and in recognition of the essential role that the private sector should play in recruiting the leading national talent.

The proposed mechanism includes the suspension of support letters for the work of non-Saudi pharmacists in the function of medical advertising agent, as well as the suspension of approvals for the transfer of sponsorship, the appointment of a Saudi pharmacist for a vacant medical advertising post and the requirement that all pharmacists who regard government sectors as Saudi In 2019, you reach the Saudization of the functions of medical advertising representatives by 25% every six months from 2019.

According to the proposed mechanism, the licenses of all non-Saudi pharmacists end with a license as medical advertising agents by the end of 2020, so that the profession of the medical advertising officer after that date will be limited to the Saudi pharmacists, with all the names of recognized pharmacists at pharmaceutical companies and their agents and scientific offices will be adjusted and in accordance with their classification and registration. Saudi Committee for Health Specialties and Nomenclature approved by the General Authority for Food and Drug Administration.

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