Al – Riyadh Newspaper A pilgrim asks to be referred to the tribe to call the king and the sons of the kingdom

A searchlight worker in the field is surprised by the volunteers in the public service camps set up by the Saudi Scouting Association, with an older man pushing him on a cart and being asked to stop and lead him towards the Qibla.

"I got the pilgrim from the guidance center to bring it to the headquarters of his campaign, I gave him some simple services like water or shadow in his head in the sun. He asks me to stop and his face in the direction of the qiblah. " He begins to pray to the Keeper of the two holy mosques and the children of the kingdom. God for what they offer great service to the pilgrim until his tears mingle with tears.

Then he asked me about my name and began praying to me and my father. I began to be struck and cried for those invitations. It comes in the best days of the year when the grace and mercy of God upon his guests descends. The air.

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