Al – Riyadh Newspaper Al-Adl provides 52 thousand judicial services outside the working hours of beneficiaries

The Ministry of Justice's Business Intelligence Platform revealed that approximately 52,482 judicial operations were carried out outside official working hours "before 7:30 am and after 3:00 pm" during the last 100 days.

The largest number of operations took place in 30,826 operations, followed by judicial operations with 17716 operations, followed by the documentation of 3940 operations.

The Ministry of Justice emphasized that the work of the courts outside the official office is aimed at speeding up and facilitating the procedures of disputes, particularly in urgent cases and cases of personal status, in the interests of the ministry to serve the beneficiaries .

Forensic operations included 717 document documentation, 847 cases in financial form, 414 questioning in maintenance matters, 236 hearings in detention cases, 324 procedures in Nakhah invalidity procedures and other operations.

Riyadh topped the list of 28125 judicial operations, followed by Mecca with 9,779 operations, followed by East with 4107 operations, then Asir with 3048 operations and then Jazan with 1848 operations.

Followed by Tabuk with 1202 operations, Medina with 897 operations and Al-Jawf with 766 operations.

The area of ​​Najran recorded 620 operations, followed by the Hagel region with 537 operations, then the northern border with 174 operations, followed by Baha with 142 operations, with the lowest areas registered in the same period.

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