Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture M. Abdulrahman Al-Fadhli on the search of the environmental, water and agricultural system to develop the livestock sector in the Kingdom and to achieve sustainability, working on an integrated strategy to improve production and productivity in the improve the area of ​​livestock.

Al-Fadhli explained that all sectors of the ministry want to develop livestock farming in order to achieve sustainability in its broader sense and to benefit from the international experiences in developing this important vital sector, reflecting the ongoing work of the ministry in the field. regulation, research, monitoring and management in this area. After 34 days are implemented and farmers must continue to invest in other alternatives announced by the ministry. The Governor of Graan General Ahmed Al-Faris said that the Kingdom imports about 35% of world trade in barley, according to statistics from the World Cereal Council.

And the m inaugurated. Al Fadhli Agricultural Development Fund program for regular loans for the financing of livestock farmers. The vice-chairman of the Food and Drug Authority d. In addition to the decision of the Council of Ministers, the Commission has set up a program to prepare and correct feed facilities in accordance with the provisions of the feed system and its implementing provisions, and to ensure the safety of the feed system. Feeding The Commission has adopted 34 standards and technical requirements for feedingstuffs.

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