Al – Riyadh Newspaper Hajj Hajj Force Commander: The Hajj season is marked by professional professionalism this year

His excellency, the commander of the Hajj security forces, the first corner of the team, Khaled bin Qarr al-Harbi, stressed that this year's pilgrimage is characterized by professional professionalism, especially since the arrival of the pilgrims on Arafat's hair in record time.The pilgrim season was the & # 39; professional Hajj & # 39; for what he saw in his profession, And distinguished in the flow of traffic, and organized in the movement of pedestrians, noting that the arrival of pilgrims to Arafat is most important, the fact that Hajj Arafa, and that the arrival of the pilgrim to Arafah a pilgrimage is incomplete.

He said in an interview with Saudi TV that no security situation has been recorded in the case of Arafat, thank goodness, and that there are tests for the security sectors across the country, adding that the weather situation did not affect last night, because the precautionary and developed preventive plans. Handling them in a professional and professional way ensures that all risks are avoided.

Concerning the safety preparations in the process of crowd management in the vicinity of Mount Mercy, the war team explained that preparations for the roads leading to the proximity of Mount Mercy and intersections indicate that there are plans to organize and organize blocks and prevent the mixing of vehicles with pedestrians to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

On the military property of the Saudi security man and the humanitarian side he said: "We have a hand on Haj and Waid, who strikes on everyone who tries to harm the safety of the fatherland." There are two messages in the first Hajj that serve the pilgrims and the safety of the pilgrims. We leave him in trouble, and the security staff are present at all locations and monitor the security situation with great precision and precision.

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