Al – Riyadh Newspaper Handing out 52,000 seasonal labor visions during the pilgrimage

Ministry of Labor and Social Development issued 52,473 Seasonal Visa for 57 establishments during the current Hajj season (1439 AH). The ministry's share in Mecca was the largest, with 51,775 seasonal work permits issued to 44 institutions. Seasonal visa for 12 companies.

The Ministry explained that in its efforts to facilitate the efforts of private sector companies to provide services to pilgrims during the Hajj season, it issued early season visas to institutions that have proven to serve pilgrims during the Hajj season, which are issued to those establishments according to specific regulations and mechanisms.

The ministry also provided manpower services from the Kingdom via the Agir service for temporary work during the Hajj season, which is aimed at organizing and encouraging work during the Hajj season through temporary work permits from Agir. The Agir platform offers a job market that enables companies in the Hajj season to launch vacancies. Job seekers can also register via the portal and apply for jobs offered by the Hajj facilities in Mecca, Jeddah and Medina. Work in the Hajj season, after documenting the contractual process between the Hajj companies and the workers contracted with them.

The Agency for Inspection and Development of the Working Environment at the Ministry carries out intensive inspections of seasonal labor visas, permits for temporary work via "Agir" to ensure safe use, non-trafficking, monitoring of other violations related to seasonal visas, The Ministry was By participating in the pilgrimage season, together with the relevant government agencies, a more precise and flexible inspection mechanism can be developed, through the presence of labor inspectors at land, air and seaports.

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