Al – Riyadh Newspaper «Holy work» visits 355 establishments .. and emphasizes the commitment

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development organized inspections in Hail in cooperation with a number of support agencies, including 355 inspection visits to a number of institutions in its various activities in the field of gold, 44 visits, 55 communications communications, women's supplies, 200 visits Visit, apartments and hotels with 35 visits.

The Director General of the Department of the Ministry in Hail, Farih al-Ayyad said that inspection visits are continued on all commercial activities in accordance with the plans drawn up to meet the employers' commitments for regulation and decisions. of the ministry that regulates the labor market.He called on the citizens to cooperate with the ministry in this respect and communication.

He stressed that the labor office inspectors treat this communication immediately and without delay in order to guarantee the development and improvement of the working environment.

Thanks to the efforts of colleagues at Hail's office for good cooperation and attention for work competences.

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