Al – Riyadh Newspaper More than 300,000 sheep were killed on Eid

The official statistical reports of the project in Saudi Arabia revealed that the total number of sheep and cows on the first day (10th of Dhu al-Hijjah) was more than 300 thousand sheep and 200 sheep.

More than one million victims were slaughtered during the current Hajj season (1439). During the first day more than 300,000 sheep were slaughtered since the beginning of the legitimate slaughter period for 14 consecutive hours. Bleeding between 2,202 and 4,243 heads.

While the productivity of an hour in the cows' bloodbath died 14 cows, they were killed on the tenth of the month Dhu al-Hijjah, and the typical Maisam massacre. 1, the list of the most productive bloodbaths – for sheep – 19% slaughterhouse 59.403 sheep heads, Unit (f) with a production rate of 16.5% with a slaughter of 51.552 heads.

In the camel and cattle unit, the pilgrim buys livestock directly from the trader and the amount of (150 rials) is added to the purchase price to cover part of the operating costs, legal and veterinary services and the supply of meat to the to cover beneficiaries.

The eight bloodbaths of the project are carried out by the rose system, where the butchers, the court staff and the support workers work together with the veterinarians to ensure that all legal and health conditions of the cattle are met.

The control units are divided into two sections (open and closed), open to the sheep and open to everyone. The pilgrim buys one or more sheep to buy at the entrance to the unit, and he can carry out the cleaning himself or under his supervision and then the project management completes the process of cleaning and cleaning. In the privacy it operates with the attorney system, whereby the pilgrim buys the bonds from the stores and executes the project on his behalf.

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