Al – Riyadh Newspaper Municipality intensifies environmental hygiene work

The municipality of Madinah intensified the programs of environmental hygiene and ecological sustainability during the Eid al-Adha and the second period of Hajj 1439 AH, by installing fermons for flies, mosquitoes and sticky traps to measure the density of flies and to reduce dispersion and eliminate vectors.

The director of the administration m. Ahmed Al-Baadani that the project to combat public health bills in the city and its suburbs continues throughout the year with the approved operational plans that are implemented in all neighborhoods of Medina.

As explained by Amjad Al Hammad, director of the Public Health Department, said the number of technicians and supervisors of pest control and public health is more than 170 specialists through 5 work committees. So far, 113 water leaks have been treated, 251 sites have been sprayed in slaughterhouses, slaughterhouses, accredited kitchens and squatter locations, wastewater treatment with more than 40,000,000 times, installation of 1700m stickers, use of more than 72,000 liters of insecticides, Of the 1,000 fermon traps for mosquitoes and flies, and 3,400 kg of biocides were used.

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