Al – Riyadh Newspaper Praised are criteria for monitoring the mechanism for importing halal meat into the Kingdom

Mufti appreciates the efforts of the Muslim World League to achieve the conditions of (Halal)

His Eminence the Great Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the President of the Council of Senior Scholars, the President of Scientific Research and the Fatwa Committee Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, the importance of the Muslim World League in the unity of Muslims and gathering their words and reuniting and their wounds to heal and remove the evil from them, emphasizing that the ailing Aldani is witnessing these blessed and successful efforts and recognizes the facts The obvious achievements of the association, which can not be denied by ignorant people who do not know what the facts are.

The Mufti noted the role played by the Muslim World League in overseeing the Halal slaughter of meat imported to the Kingdom, and praised the standards set by the Association to oversee the mechanism of importing halal meat into the kingdom. He confirmed that the Association plays its part in this effort. Meets the requirement of Islamic slaughter by verifying the slaughter procedure in accordance with the known legitimate method and reliable mechanisms ».

On this occasion, the Association of the Islamic World has reaffirmed its commitment to the highest standards of legality and regulation in the area of ​​Halal, and confirms that it is dependent on the issuance of halal certificates on Gulf regulations and GSO standard specifications for halal food conditions. Based on the issue of «Halal» certificates on the views of the Islamic Fiqh Academy International, where the Association recently stopped many slaughterhouses and centers and trade unions that were in violation of the slaughter of halal.

It is worth noting that the Islamic World League was approved as the only legitimate authority for exports from Halal to the Kingdom, after having issued a strict order to issue Halal certificates to the Association for its international relations and expertise in coordination and cooperation with local authorities. and international agencies, companies and institutions. Production and marketing of Halal.

The Supreme Council of Ulema has, through the Standing Committee for the issue of Fatwa & # 39; s in the Kingdom under the direction of His Eminence, the Great Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh Fatwa said that the authority responsible for the slaughter of halal in the Kingdom is imported the Association of the Islamic World, where the Association of the Islamic World is the oldest Islamic organization working in the field of halal and food, And has offices, partners and Islamic centers around the world.

The association is currently working on the completion of the establishment of the largest legal center for halal in the world at its headquarters in Mecca. The mission of the Center is to monitor and supervise the slaughter, the Halal industry and the award of Halal certificates directly or through the offices and representatives of the Association abroad. The center offers Halal and technical awareness, introduces Halal food, offers media, awareness and marketing advice and supports Halal food industry and technology.

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