Dr. Saeed bin Ali bin Wahf al-Qahtani, the author of the book "Fortress of the Muslim", is considered one of the first useful books that were widely used in the Islamic world and among the people of Hajj at the age of 67 Umrah from the corners of the earth to be published. Less than a month after suffering a serious illness and praying to the deceased in the Al-Rajhi mosque this afternoon, and his body is buried by a large number of civilians in the tombs of the wind.

He was born in the center of Al Areen in 1371 AH He translated more than 130 books, in particular the Fortress of the Muslim, into 44 languages. Activists and pioneers of Twitter social networking sites have had contact with the news about the death of the Sheikh via Hashtak # SaidBenAliBenWahf Alqahtani Muqtadin beautiful and timeless heroic deeds, the most important of which is the book, which is not without a house, calls him mercy and forgiveness.

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