Al – Riyadh Newspaper The Skills Center of the founders' university trains health workers in health simulation

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Center at King Abdulaziz University, in collaboration with the general administration of academic affairs and training at the Ministry of Health, presented a number of quick reaction sessions on health crises using the high-quality health simulation for health workers who were assigned this work during the Hajj season. . Respond quickly during emergency health emergencies by focusing on improving human factors in dealing with critical situations and patient health conditions.

The courses contain a theoretical introduction, followed by repeated sessions, to train medical teams using advanced techniques that simulate diseases and health conditions, through specialized equipment All vital functions, communication dynamics, interaction and leadership between the team members are recorded using electronic speech and video recording technology. During the Hajj season.

The workshops and workshops were held at five locations in Mina and Arafat during the past few days, while the number of workshops this year was 27 workshops in Al-Ahsa, Jazan, Tabuk, Medina, Abha and Oujda. The number of beneficiaries reached more than 700 healthy of medical and nursing staff.

This comes as an extension of the preparations initiated by the general administration of academic affairs and training in the Ministry of Health and the Center for Skills and Clinical Simulation at King Abdulaziz University to provide workers in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health. train and equip before and during their arrival at the holy places to work during the hajj season.

The general supervisor of the Center for Skills and Clinical Simulation at Abdul Aziz University, Professor Abdul Aziz Boker, told the "Riyadh" that the use of these advanced techniques in health simulation is one of the best ways to learn skills and learn how to deal with risk situations, similar to the techniques used to train pilots and astronauts. The simulation center of the founder's university is one of the leading centers for international courses, accredited by the International Simulation Association of the United States of America and received the International Excellence Award in Simulation Education from the International Association of Medical Education.

He added that the attention of the Ministry of Health is represented by the General Directorate for Academic Affairs and Training of the Ministry of Health, including the introduction and use of the mobile simulation vehicle for the first time during the Hajj season this year. provide a suitable training environment for all health professionals at their locations. And provide good health care to guests of the House of God, in addition to offering many training events using simulations in many hypotheses in crises and disasters of different kinds and reflects the great attention and efforts of the government from the free server Mosques yen to To serve God's house guests.

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