Al – Riyadh Newspaper The United Kingdom delegation to the United Nations: the promotion and protection of human rights is one of the priorities of the Kingdom

Emphasize that it is guaranteed for everyone

The Permanent Delegation of the Kingdom to the United Nations confirmed the great readiness of the kingdom to promote and protect human rights on the basis of the principles and principles of Islamic law, referring to the adoption of laws and regulations relating to human rights, modernization of the judiciary and the criminal justice system and the independence of the prosecution. Associations and NGOs The Code of Criminal Procedure is currently under review and a new criminal system is being prepared to combat abuse of power.

"The promotion and protection of human rights is one of the priorities of the Kingdom and is guaranteed for everyone." It does not allow anyone to restrict, hold, or hold anyone except in accordance with the provisions of the UN Human Rights Council. The law can not be criminalized, except on the basis of predefined legal and legal texts, and all citizens and residents enjoy their rights and exercise their freedom without discrimination in accordance with the laws in force in the Kingdom, and not in which category therefore regardless of what they call preferential names or conditions in the enjoyment of those rights, En van Taat The right to complain can be submitted in accordance with the available remedies.

The declaration emphasized the will of the kingdom to work with the United Nations, the international community and international organizations and bodies to contribute to the promotion of human rights in a way that does not violate the principles of our Islamic religion and legislation, and points to the support of the Kingdom for all efforts to achieve social justice.

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