Al-Sudais has met with the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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Jeddah – Khalid Shuwail – "Gulf 365" (Mecca)

The President of the Republic of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dr. Taher Ashrafi, met with the vice-president of the holy mosques, Mashhour Al-Menami, on the theme of the Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque today (Monday).

The President praised the blessed efforts of the scholars of the Republic of Pakistan and their honorable positions in maintaining the moderation of the religion of Islam, and stressed that the Muslims of Pakistan, a great place in our hearts, are our brothers in religion and have a strong relationship with them since ancient times.

For his part, Dr Taher praised the kingdom's efforts to serve the two holy mosques and their visitors, and expressed his pride in what he saw during the 1439 pilgrim season this year, which helped to facilitate pilgrimage on the area of ​​safety, safety and tranquility.

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