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Of the more than 400 hypnotic pilgrims in hospitals capable of performing most of the hajj, on Monday, in the hair of Arafat, with the help of ambulances and medical personnel, there was a pilgrim in coma and lived on respirators, About 2 million pilgrims are in the holy places.

An ambulance from the Saudi Ministry of Health carried the sleeping pilgrim under the influence of his coma and carried him from one hairy to the other so that he could perform the pilgrimage for which he was charged for the trouble and the money.

Saudi activist and blogger Mansoor al-Ragheba, who documented the story of the sleeping pilgrim in a video, says that he performs Hajj like other pilgrims without knowing it. When he awakes from his coma, he will discover that he has done the obligatory prayer for which he was given.

Al-Raqiba photographed the ambulance that carried the sleeping pilgrim, thanked the country and its leaders for their management of the hajj and the services they offer to the visitors of the house of Allah.

There were no opinions of religious leaders and scholars about the validity of the pilgrim's pilgrimage with pilgrimage with several Mnom in an ambulance does not feel what is happening around him.

On Monday, the Ministry of Health raised 420 pilgrims to the hair of Arafat, representing pilgrims in the hospitals of Mecca, Medina and Jeddah, by ambulances equipped with medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical and food equipment, supported by specialist doctors and nursing technicians.

Each patient is accompanied by a doctor and a nurse to monitor his / her health while in Arafah. The medical care of the patient continues until the completion of all Hajj, including the Tawaf and the Jamarat.

About a quarter of a million civilian and military employees and volunteers work this year on the Haj pilgrimage and are divided into safety, health, civil protection, scouts and other sectors, while senior leaders oversee the season every year.

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