Canada criticizes human rights in Saudi Arabia

Canada's foreign minister, Christia Freeland, has issued a statement stating that the office of the Canadian Foreign Minister said: " Canada is very concerned about the arrest of Saudi human rights activists.

The Canadian foreign statement added that this concern was voiced by the Saudi government, and pointed out that Canada will always defend the protection of human rights, including the rights and expression of women, all over the world.

The newspaper said the statement was issued after the foreign question on the issue of a Saudi activist who was detained, Israel al-Ghamgam.

In Norway, Secretary of State Inah Erikson Suryed expressed her concern about the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia, executions, weak freedom of speech and the imprisonment of human rights defenders and women.

This came against the background of a meeting between the Norwegian Foreign Minister and the Saudi Ambassador in Oslo a few days ago in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

Human Rights Watch said that in a related context The public prosecutor in Saudi Arabia requested the execution of five human rights activists, including Esraa al-Ghamgam.

"The execution of activists and non-accused, even in violent acts such as Israa al-Ghamgam, is terrible," said Sarah Leah Whitson, director of the Middle East department at the organization. "The tyranny of the Saudi authorities makes the work of public relations teams in promoting the story of superstitious reforms among their allies and international companies more difficult."

She added that if the Saudi Crown Prince were already seriously engaged in reforms, he would intervene immediately to ensure that no malicious person was detained for her human rights work.

Saudi activists told Human Rights Watch that the prosecutor's demand made Ghamgam the first female activist to stand trial, creating a dangerous precedent for other activists now behind bars.

Al-Ghamgam participated in the demonstrations in 2011 in the eastern province, was arrested in December 2015 and imprisoned in the research department in Dammam.

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