Clarification of the Attorney General on the possibility to complete the prosecution against the accused after the pilgrimage season

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From the website of electronic newspaper Sada, on Tuesday, August 21, 2018.

Attorney General Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah revealed the admirer of the existence of programs at the Public Prosecution Service, which are in all respects compatible with the nature of the Hajj season.

The admirer stated that there are procedural and logistic support teams to end the cases immediately and immediately. If necessary, the procedure must be completed to take into account the temporal and spatial situation of the suspect, so that he can see the elements and tasks of his argument. can complete.

This is due to the escalation of the suspect to the holy feelings by the Public Prosecution Service to coincide with the completion of the legal proceedings against him and the contemporary and when it is necessary to complete the procedures after the Hajj season according to the nature of the procedures completed after the end of Hajj and its rituals.

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Source: Echo Newspaper

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