Comment "Health Mecca" about the death of a medical error

In response to the death of a child after his birth and the accusation of his family to the maternity clinic and children in Mecca who caused his death as a result of a medical error, the health issues in Mecca have made a statement about the circumstances of the incident. clarify.

The statement said that the child's mother had twins after 28 weeks with cesarean section, and the first came with a weight of 1.1 kg, indicating that his condition was poor and was placed on a ventilator.

"The premature child also suffered from a heart hole and enlarged kidneys" ascites "with a cerebral haemorrhage in the third degree, he had a gastric cavity and these complications of preterm birth, indicating that he received the necessary treatment, and then underwent surgery ".

The hospital administration tried to communicate with the family via the number in the medical file and was not answered. The statement noted that the professor of pediatric surgery and the intensive care consultant had formed a high committee and recorded it as usual in the medical file.

He continued: "The premature child remained on the ventilator for 57 days with the presence of severe green discharge from the abdomen and swelling and a decrease in blood platelets, indicating that despite the necessary treatments and careful follow-up of specialists from neonatal intensive care consultants and pediatric surgery consultants, "He said.

He added: "The management of the hospital held several sessions with the child's family to explain details of the consultants who monitored the situation, but the mother spoke to the medical staff and accused them of negligence and lack of care, and was recorded by the security department of the verbal attack of the hospital on a government employee at his workplace ".

The parents of the child had accused the hospital of causing their child's death and without their knowledge to perform operations and demand an investigation into the matter.

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