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The Directorate for Health Affairs in the Jazan region took several punitive and corrective decisions on Monday This is a quick response to what was published about the rolling part of a cleaner who is practicing a medical profession at a boys' hospital.

In a statement, Jazan confirmed her categorical rejection of irregular practices or abuses affecting patient services and apologizes for the rolling part in which an employee of the company arrived at a boys' hospital during a nursing job.

The statement added: "The director general of Jazan's health, led the investigation immediately after the appearance of this section, and after the investigation by the department of the follow-up health of Jazan and the management of the hospital of the general boy, exclusion from the company employee who did this work, and the exclusion of the supervisor of the company operating in the hospital, The monthly extract from the company, and the removal of a paper nurse that the employee to do this work to the Ministry of follow-up in Jazan's health to do the formal procedures.

Jazan's health reiterated his concern about the safety of nursing and medical procedures being taken at hospitals, and takes legal action in the event of checking negligence or negligence.

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