Education: referral of the student's guardian before 1919 if the percentage of his or her absence was 30%

Tariq – Riyadh:

The Ministry of Education has revealed four levels of behavioral crimes, including 30 offenses, through the organizational and procedural manual of the Code of Conduct and presence for the primary phase.

According to the guide, the problem of the absence of students is penalized at this stage with penalties. If the absenteeism percentage is more than 30%, the referral by the parent to the Center for Violence and Abuse 1919 is considered a major neglect.

The new guide concluded, according to Okaz, that students were not allowed to study a semester or school year, but at the same time identified 3 behavioral classifications in terms of the educational role of schools in dealing with behavioral problems.

The guide classifies the behavior problems of students in the higher ranks of the primary stage to 4 progressive levels to record 30 violations, starting with non-compliance with formal attire and sleeping in the classroom, causing chaos in the classroom, school or school transport, participation in speculation, direct sexual violence and a fire in the school.

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