«Enrich» participates in the design of the exhibition «Biennale London»

The International Cultural Center King Abdulaziz (IATRERA) takes part in the London Biennale of Design at the Somerset Archaeological Museum in the English capital, which was launched on September 23 and is being held under the Saudi Aramco initiative. Promote culture, creativity and cooperation between cultures.
The exhibition was a showcase for a group of leading designers and innovators from 40 countries around the world, which this year focuses on & # 39; Feelings & # 39; and geometry and emotion integrates between the worlds of logic and language. Ali Al-Mutairi, director of the Ithraa Center, emphasized the importance of enriching artists and artists in various cultural events and events. The letter enriches the support of national talent and sets new standards for excellence in the culture and creativity industry. "This initiative achieves the mission of the Center to disseminate knowledge, promote creativity and cultural and cultural communication with the world by presenting Saudi elites and highlighting national talent in international forums," he said.

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